My Mac Setup (Part 2)

In a previous post, I listed my top Mac applications.  What follows are the key web-based services I use to round out my computing experience.

My Top Web Applications:

  1. Gmail.  Quite simply the best email service available, IMHO.  Can’t imaging interacting with email without the threaded messages or Google search capability.
  2. GrandCentral.  As they describe it, “a new way to use your phones.”  Basically it’s a single phone number that rings your other phones when someone calls (with custom settings that allow you to set which phones ring depending on the caller), a  web-based visual voicemail box, and many other call-management features.  Google acquired the service, and unfortunately closed it to new signups.
  3. Google Reader.  Terrific web-based feed reader (so it is always up-to-date regardless of which computer I’m on), and like Gmail has Google search functionality (which is invaluable for researching companies, locating the article you remember reading but can’t find, etc).
  4. Remember the Milk.  A wonderfully intuitive yet powerful and sophisticated web-based task management application.  And with features like the Quicksilver plug-in and the iPhone app it seamlessly integrates into my life, letting me capture and manage tasks without getting in the way.  Free for virtually everything you need, but the Pro account is well worth the $25 annual fee.

My Top Firefox Extensions:

  1. Better Gmail 2.  Add useful extra features to Gmail, like hierarchical labels, macros, file attachment icons, and more.
  2. Foxmarks Bookmark Synchronizer.  Syncs and backs up your bookmarks and passwords across multiple computers.  And unlike Apple’s MobileMe service, it’s free!
  3. SearchStatus.  Toolbar extension that shows Google PageRank, Alexa, etc. data for every website you visit.
  4. DT WhoIs.  Adds a toolbar button for easy access to whois data using’s whois service.
  5. Tamper Data.  View HTTP/HTTPS headers and post parameters, trace and time http response/requests, and more.
  6. TwitterBar.  Allows you to post to Twitter from Firefox’s address bar.

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