Cool Twitter Tools

So I’ve been using Twitter for a few days now, and I’ve come across a few tools that add some value/fun to the experience.

  • Twittered Daily is a neat little tool that creates a “daily digest” of your Tweets. This seems to be particularly useful for reposting your Tweets elsewhere, such as Tumblr. All you do is sign up with your Twitter username and it automatically generates a feed URL.
  • Tweetstats is a neat little web app that graphs your Twitter usage, including volume of posts, timing of posts, interface used, etc. Kind of interesting to see trends.
  • Looking at my “Interface Used” graph reminds me of another app worth mentioning, Hahlo, which is my preferred app for posting from my iPhone.

I’m still trying to decide whether I see the value in Twitter overall, but tools like these certainly add to the experience.

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