Solving Problems

I like this. Really like it. We are all experts at something.

The Internet, and blogs in particular, offer the perfect medium to help others find solutions to problems.

We all have seemingly little problems that we have to work through from time to time. Generally with time, some fiddling and trial and error, perhaps a little advice from friends, we find a solution.

There is always a little personal satisfaction in working out the solution, but it never occurred to me to share my solutions. After all, who would care? And even if someone was troubled by the same thing, why would anyone look here for a solution?

But of course there’s Google. The problem that’s vexing me may be vexing others, and who knows, maybe someone who does a precise Google search may find my solution. And be glad they did. And I’ll be glad to help. So I’m going to try to post solutions as they come up.

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