Family Networks

Interesting developments in the family/parenting/social network space. TechCrunch writes about a new entrant, Maya’s Mom – and also mentions previously-covered sites Minti, Famster and FriendsForFamilies.

Mentioned in the comments are, which looks like a family-oriented blog platform with social networking elements (e.g., personalized pages and photo hosting), and HouseBlogs, which seems to be nothing more than an aggregation of RSS feeds…unless I’m missing something.

This is a potentially interesting space, the question is traffic and monetization of niches such as this. There is no question that there is value in authoritative resources for parents to find local activities for their kids, seek out advice on parenting, etc. But what creates the “authority”? Why would I, as a parent, select one of these sites over another? And what seems to me to be missing is the ability to search and narrow the focus to just that piece of information I want – for example, I want my son to learn to ski…what age is appropriate? what programs are available in my area? what do other parents think of those programs? how do I sign up for one when I find a program that sounds good?

More thoughts on the “rise of mom networks

One Response to “Family Networks”

  1. Clay Cook Says:

    Thanks for mentioning Minti in your post.
    Hopefully once our content scales we can solve those ski questions for you and your son 😉
    Clay Cook
    Minti Co-Founder

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