I have been using FolderShare for a few months, and I have to say that it is one of the most practical and useful apps I have used in quite some time. It has completely changed the way I access my information, and it definitely meets my list of “must have” apps.

In a nutshell, FolderShare synchronizes folders/files across multiple machines, so you always access the latest file regardless of machine. You designate the folders you want to share and the computers you want included and all file changes are then automatically synchronized between linked computers. It works with PC and Mac and syncs documents, photos, music, and other files. It runs in the background as long as your devices are online, so there is nothing you have to remember to do.

Your workflow remains the same – the difference is that your files are now available on all your computers, with no effort on your part. Magic! This is not flashy technology, but it solves a real problem in a very clean and pragmatic manner. Previously there was both a free and a paid version; now that FolderShare has been acquired by Microsoft, the service is free.

Walt Mossberg of the WSJ has a great review here.

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