Video, con’t

I got tired of waiting for Google to “verify” the videos I uploded yesterday, so I went in search of alternative video sharing services. As always, I found a great review of services at TechCrunch, the “Flickrs of Video

After reading Michael’s post and a number of the informative comments, and reviweing some of the services myself, I decided to give YouTube a try. It seems to have a great combination of features in terms of unlimited storage, reasonable upload sizes (100 MB max), tagging…and of course its free! The FAQ provides a really great overview of the service. The feature that really sold me was the ability to embed a video player right in your own site. The player is a really nice clean interface, and provides basic (play/pause/audio) functionality. But here’s the catch – I can’t insert the required HTML snippet for the embedded player in my blog. This inability to customize the template is really starting to annoy me, and may prove to be too much of a limitation to continue with (as much as I love it in general). For the time being, I’m going to post my videos to my Blogger blog and link to them from here.

Hmm, I’m trying to upload a realtively small (17 MB) file as I write this, still waiting to complete the upload…if the upload ever finishes, I’m curious to see whether I can get my files live sooner than on Google. I’m doing this on Andrea’s Mac (yes, I’m converted!); I wonder whether it would be quicker on a PC as the Google video uploader seems to be…

UPDATE: much faster approval! I completed my first upload, and within an hour it was live.

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