MSFT-YHOO IM: Together at Last?

The Wall Street Journal is reporting that Microsoft and Yahoo are expected to announce that consumers using their respective instant messaging services will be able to communicate directly with each other. This would be huge… [article here for online subscribers]

Under the expected alliance between Microsoft and Yahoo, users of their separate free instant-messaging services could easily trade messages with each other. Microsoft and Yahoo users will also be able to speak to each other over the Internet using computers equipped with microphones and speakers or headsets, according to the people familiar with the matter.

2 Responses to “MSFT-YHOO IM: Together at Last?”

  1. Digital Sandbox » Blog Archive » The Other Shoe Says:

    […] Microsoft and Yahoo announced some time ago plans to make their respective IM services interoperable.  Not to be left out, AOL and Google apparently will also make their instant-messaging software compatible as part of the recently announced expanded partnership. According to the WSJ (paid), Google users will have to set up AOL Instant Messenger accounts to make the services work together.  Is universal IM interoperability too much to ask?  Yeah, I know, to a large degree it exists with services like Trillian – but it should be as simple as email… […]

  2. cheesemaniac Says:

    Do you fairly think this is news? I like and read your blog to get necessary information, but sometimes melancholy kills me

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